What does it mean to live a healthy life?

What is Wellness?

What does it mean to be happy?

So many great questions… and so many different answers.  That’s the beauty of life and the beauty of being our own selves.

What makes a fulfilling life, a happy life, a health life is different for each and every one of us.

At FYIWellness.com we look at wellness in a holistic way.  We want life to not only be happy and meaningful, but we want to be healthy, free from worry and pain.  We want life to be as long as possible, because every moment is a moment of joy.

But we also know that when it’s time to pass on, we want to do it with dignity.

Unfortunately, society, and today’s modern medical machine, don’t see it the same way.

They are just FOR-PROFIT machines that have no heart or soul… and could care less about the people they serve.

This information we present in our website, in our newsletters, and in our free reports is meant to help people become the best versions of themselves.

That might mean kicking a cancer diagnosis…

Finding relief for their back pain…

Discovering the joy of a great night’s sleep…

Losing the 10, 20, or 30 pounds to get themselves into peak shape…

It might mean:

Walking and bending without pain…

Being active again…

Or any of another million different things.

Here’s our promise.  We will not be blinded by the Medical Machine.  We believe that knowledge is most powerful when it is in the hands of those who need it most.  And because we are all different… everyone can find results with different solutions.

You’ll see us present not just one or two solutions, but hopefully dozens… so you can find your needed solution… your needed salvation.  

You’ll also see us present ways to enjoy life and look and feel our best.  That might be in the form of health and beauty tips, introductions to new food, recipes, and cuisines.  You might see us discuss travel and destinations meant to inspire you… and hopefully stories of success.  

The only thing we expect from you is the ability to read what we read… look at it with a skeptical eye… decide if it’s right for you… then take responsibility for your life and your decisions.  It’s simple, but not easy. Are you ready?

I’m expecting a wild and fantastic ride… and I hope you enjoy it with me.

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And as always… if you have a suggestion, thought, or idea… please let us know.

Here’s to your wellness!

The FYIWellness.com Team