About Us

FYIWellness.com was founded with one clear principal… to uncover cutting edge information about Health and Wellness for you and your family.

From healthy eating, to weight loss, exercise, DYI treatments, and even supplements… we want to search for the truth and share it with you.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, the truth is often covered up or hidden from the public.

The large corporations want to sell you drugs, not cure your problems.  They make more money that way.

Doctors too.

Unfortunately, doctors only get paid when people are sick and seeking a cure… they don’t make money if you are living a healthy life and celebrating your wellness!

Think about it.

What’s a doctor’s incentive to cure you… their only way to make money is by keeping you sick.

Now, not every doctor is focused on money… many do want to help (often after paying off their half million dollar educational bill!).  You just need to know the right ones to trust!

But it’s not just doctors or big corporations to keep an eye on…

Too often we see websites promising a silver bullet to cure an ailment (any ailment)… but often the ailment is a symptom of a bigger problem.

For example, did you know medical professionals list no less than a DOZEN symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes!

Any one of them could indicate a serious problem… but unfortunately, often times just the symptom is treated… and not the cause.

To keep yourself healthy, and to live a life of wellness… you must arm yourself with critical knowledge about how your body works, what problems you might face, and how to fix the problem… not just cover up the symptom.

Now, don’t stop seeing a doctor if you have a medical condition or are feeling sick…  just make sure you are armed with your own information and can ask the questions you need answered!

You’ll lead a happier and healthier life!

And that’s everyone’s goal… isn’t it!?!

So keep reading… the information may one day save your life!